Yan Kuan Filming New Historical Drama, Latest Fashion Spreads

I’m currently watching one of the best fall dramas on TV, Glamorous Imperial Concubine, starring Yan KuanRuby Lin and Wallace Huo. I was excited to read Wallace is filming another historical drama, Xing Ming Shi Ye. And Yan Kuan just started shooting the Mainland drama, Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties (Heroes of Sui and Tang / 隋唐演义 / Sui Tang Yan Yi).

Folks, the first set of Heroes stills featuring Yan Kuan are now out.

Check it.


I’ll definitely keep you posted on Yan Kuan and Wallace Huo’s projects.

Before I sign off…check out Yan Kuan’s latest fashion editorials.




I’m in love.


(photos: ent.qq.com / ent.ifeng.com / sina)

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